About The Magician

Erik Tait has been in the entertainment industry since the age of fifteen when a series of unfortunate events lead him to become a juggler. Under the tutelage of the brilliant husband and wife comedy team Scott and Joan Houghten, Erik flourished in the venue of live performance. A stint as an on stage juggler and the house magician of the world famous Comedy Barn Theatre in Pigeon Forge Tennessee allowed Erik to perform his act for more than a million people in three years. It was there that he met Stephen Knowles, a life long friend and mentor in the art of magic.

In 2005 Erik picked up and moved to Toronto where he attended Humber College, graduating from the Comedy Writing and Performance program with honors. Erik has been honored by The Comedy Green Room wiht the Director’s Award for Excellence due to his nearly constant performance as a stand-up comedian during his short time living in Canada. In 2007 he was fortunate enough to perform his political comedy on the main stage of Second City in Toronto. Respected by his peers for his writing ability, and his creativity, Erik has been fortunate enough to hone his craft in some of the most demanding venues a performer can experience.

At the time of this DVD Erik lives and works in Los Angeles as teh bar magician for Magicopolis. His ability with a deck of cards has been featured most notably in the music video “Time of Your Life (Until You’re Dead)” by the band Matt Mays and El Torpedo. His comedy has earned him notoriety across the United States and Canada, having been featured on XM Radio. In 2008 Erik achieved a life long dream by becoming a member in good standing of the Academy of Magicial Arts, the parent organization of The Magic Castle where he performs impromptu shows in the basement. When not spending his time in front of live audiences he saddles up a black stallion to ride through the desert hunting the undead.